Xtreme Timing uses the latest RFID Chip Timing System to ensure fast and accurate results. We provide an attractive finish line truss with a LED clock, providing participants with an experience to remember. We provide instantaneous results when participants cross the finish line. Final results are provided promptly to the race director and posted on our website.

Xtreme Timing combines state-of-the-art technology with our depth of race experience and our strong customer focus to deliver a great experience for both the race participants and the race planning committee. Each race has a Big Race feel.

Services Provided:

  • Timing for all types of running and cycling events - on the road or trail
  • Bib programming, labeling & preparation
  • Advanced packet pickup and race day registration support
  • Spectacular finish line setup including finish line truss system and chute that makes your race look very professional
  • Disposable chips affixed to race bibs
  • Real time results

No-Hassle Convenience:

  • Timing chips permanently attached to the bib - No confusing instructions for attaching chip
  • No separate chip line to wait in - get your packet and you're done
  • Attractive and professional finish line truss system & chute
  • Highly reliable timing in any conditions

Premium Race Experience:

  • Announcer laptop allows Emcee to announce names as participants finish
  • Custom finish line banners available to personalize and promote race sponsors
  • Custom bib options


Xtreme Timing Advantages:

Chip Timing System offers clear advantages to both race organizers and participants. Some of the advantages are:

  •  Fool-proof timing chip remains a part of the bib
  • Once a participant picks up their packet they are done
  • Attractive and professional appearance for your finish line